Bulk School Headphones and Earbuds

Here at Low Cost Earbuds, we specialize in bulk school headphones and earbuds.

We have focused on getting your school the lowest cost, while maintaining quality. Although our products are low cost, they also are built to last (if taken care of!). Each school need and student are different, but the below products are what we have found to be the best for schools and students around the nation.

We have found the younger kids prefer the “Mix and Match” Canalbuds, while the older kids prefer the earbuds

If you are still unsure about what you need – CONTACT US and we are happy to help!

Please note: The below is only a recommendation based on our experience and selling volumes for schools. This is not our entire catalog. To see that, use the “PRODUCTS” menu to see our entire catalog.

Recommended Headphones and Earbuds (No Microphone)