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Let me first express my sincere wishes to all of you for a HEALTHY outcome to this crisis. At LowCostEarbuds, we remain in operation and are shipping worldwide from our location in California. We have a limited staff as all of us tend to our family’s, however, we realize that many home-schooling situations; hospital needs; etc. continue, and we will continue to process orders to meet those needs. We are seeing a 1-2 business day turnaround to ship (again, from California where we are) to your location. If we can not meet that standard, we will call you to give you a better estimate. Thank you for your business during this tough time.  Sincerely, John Greenewald, Jr., CEO, LowCostEarbuds.com

LowCostEarbuds.com focuses on providing low cost earbuds for various needs. Whether they be for schools, museums, hospitals, families of all sizes, etc., we are here to get you the highest quality for the lowest prices.

Below, you will find our current selection, and we have more products coming online soon.  We can do custom orders and company purchase orders, so we invite you to reach out if you can’t find what you’re looking for below.


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