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Fast Shipping

When your order comes in – we don’t sit on it! Product is available in our warehouse, and we process your order QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY.

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Superior Customer Service

With quick response times, and actual humans that answer the phone, our superior customer service is something we are very proud of! If you have a question, a problem, or a suggestion – we are here for you!

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Based in America

Our company is based in America, and we ship our products from America! We are proud to be located in Southern California, and have shipped tens of thousands of our earbuds all over the world!

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Multiple Designs & Colors

Usually, buying bulk earbuds you get one choice. Black – with crummy foam covers that disintegrate within a day. Here – you have much higher quality designs, along with multiple color choices. Get what YOU want!


We have sold tens of thousands of earbuds around the world -- and here is how it started.
High quality, great service and a low cost. Period.

When I began selling earbuds online, it began as a hobby. I started this because I felt there was a need for high quality, great service and low cost - all from one company! I began with supplying companies one type of headphone - but I realized there was a need to have options. So I grew and expanded.

I now supply businesses, schools, museums, churches, small and large families and many others - all around the globe.

Buying here assures you, that 1) You get the service you deserve! 2) You get the choices you need! And 3) You get the speed on our side, to get your order quick and easy with no hassle!

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